Materials for inking

I know it can be very overwhelming to research all the products out there, so take advantage of the list I have put together for you.  Follow the link and it will take you to my Amazon page that has the supplies right there. These are ones I have tried, use and recommend. But experiment and see what works for you.  I enjoy the quality, ease of use and lets face it, I have tried alot.  Im here if you need me and next we will be discussing some techniques. Follow the link and remember to secure those caps on the pens, they will dry out

My store

 I will warn you however, that Inking is very addictive and you may be like me and have to have every color, (I cant be the only one),  just breath and I'm here if you have questions.

Now just experment with the ink and have fun. You can always spray alcohol on the paper and wipe most of the ink off if you really have it, start again. 

Adding single drops of ink or alcohol and just watching the reaction will do you alot of good. Trust in yourself that it will all start making sense. 

Next blog I will give you some handy pointers. Stay tuned.

Disclosure; There are affiliate links on this page, which just means that if you click thru and buy any of these products I recommend, I may recieve compensation, Psst; At no addional cost to you. So shop till you drop. Thanks